FAV 430

Splitting machine with variable speed and incision device. Width 430 mm.

Accuracy, high quality materials and ergonomic engineering combined to simplicity of use and working comfort, reduced maintenance servicing to limit unproductive stops and adaptability to all kind of materials distinguish Fratelli Alberti Srl splitting machine and grant precise split with extreme facility.

Fast and simple knife replacement with automatic positioning, easy sharpening and bevel symmetry control, allow the operator to achieve high productivity at a low production cost.

The large range of application allows the minimal removal up to mm. 0.1 on any type of leather, synthetic materials ecc.

Max width of split: 430 mm
Max thickness of split: 8 mm
Min thickness of split with top bar: 0,2 mm
Min thickenss of split with top feed roll: 0,7 mm
Grinding stone rotation speed: 5250 rpm
Blade rotation speed: 183 rpm
Feeding speed electronic regulation: 1 - 25 m/min
Power consumpiton: 3,6 kW
Max noise level during sharpening: 80 db (A)


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