The Fratelli Alberti product range allows, in the production of bags, to carry out the key processes; splitting, skiving and the application of reinforcements, with precision and reliability.

The FAV430 and FAV520 splitters allow uniform splitting with a guaranteed close tolerance of ±0.025 mm.

Machinable thicknesses from 8 mm to 0.2 mm, with a fixed bar, particularly suitable for the precision required in the production of bags and purses, or an upper transport roller.


The AV2 skiving machines, thanks to the rigidity conferred by the characteristic arm and the great precision that distinguishes them, are able to satisfy any request for the production of bags. The 854 series of 50 mm feet and the 361 series of 34 mm feet guarantee high-precision zero skiving, folding and bevelling.

The C8 RO combining machines with a double tray and continuous work, with maximum dimensions of 800 X 600 mm, allow the application of reinforcements and pre-glued fabrics. The possibility of setting the working parameters, temperature, pressure and cycle time, guarantees perfect gluing according to the most varied requirements.

The C6 AIR model, with an air cushion as presser, allows to apply reinforcements or fabrics on components of different thickness or on already assembled components such as zips, studs etc...