Fratelli Alberti

Fratelli Alberti stands as a landmark among manufacturers of machines for the leather industry, while giving new life to a seventy-year-old tradition of excellent Italian craftsmanship.

We offer customers our expertise to help them enhance the perfection of skiving, splitting and combining processes because we are not simply considered as machine makers but as partners.

Keen on our work and worldwide well-known we continuously aim to improve to take care of our employees as well as of the environment. Your need is our challenge. Your challenge is our need.

Your need is our challenge.
Your challenge is our need.



Pushed by his passion for motors and mechanics, Faustino Alberto moved from Veneto to Varese to start a business repairing motorcycles and bicycles.
Then, in 1945, he decided to produce skiving machines with his sons Alberto, Arnaldo, Antenore and Adelio.

In 1949 they registered the company Fratelli Alberti Srl (FAV) at the chamber of commerce of Varese.
During Italian economic boom Fratelli Alberti keeps on growing up in the leather machines industry but also in the motors industry as a supplier for Guzzi, Harley Davidson and Aermacchi.
In the 1960s anyway Fratelli Alberti progressively abandon motors to focus on its traditional business, developing many excellent machines well know all over the world.
After some changes in the ownership, Adelio took the control with his son Antenore, Carlo, Fausta, Luigi and Paola. They all worked in the company and everyone played an important role in innovating production and control systems.
In these years Fratelli Alberti also created splitting and combining machines and started to increase the spare parts sales. The family profile has always been a strength for a company which is now run by the third generation and looks ahead to the future thanks to a strong reputation and expertise.