Fratelli Alberti offers a range of products for the preparation of leather components and similar to the furniture industry. The splitting machines FAV430 and FAV520, allow to obtain a uniform splitting with a guaranteed close tolerance of ±0.025 mm. Machinable thicknesses from 8 mm to 0.2 mm, with fixed bar, particularly suitable for the precision required in the production of high-quality furniture.

The AV2 skiving machines, thanks to the rigidity conferred by the characteristic arm and the great precision that distinguishes them, are able to skive with extreme precision any type of material, from leather to fabric adorned with fur. The 854 series of 50 mm feet and the 361 series of 34 mm feet guarantee high-precision zero fleshing, folding and bevelling. In the furniture production, moreover, the SIRP system makes it possible to trim and chamfer dials and straight-profile components with extreme precision.

The C RO combining machines with a double tray and continuous work, with maximum dimensions 1200 X 800 mm, allow the application of reinforcements, pillowcases and pre-glued fabrics. The possibility of setting the working parameters, temperature, pressure and cycle time, guarantees perfect gluing according to the most varied requirements.