Areas of use

Fav technology is used in many different sectors,
from leather goods to footwear,
from automotive to furniture industries.
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Applications and uses for skiving, smoothing, and reinforcing individual bag components.


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Small Leather Goods

Wallets, document holders,
card holders, wristbands
and various leather goods:
the best solutions.


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Whether it is a classic shoe or a newly developed product, technical or fashionable product, we offer solutions for every need and every component of the upper.

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Specific equipment
for simultaneously skiving edges
and belt points.


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Leather sofas, poufs, armchairs, chairs, frames: the secrets of working in designer furniture.


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Applications for linings,
collar and shoulder reinforcements,
zippers in leather clothing.


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Fav applications
for machining automotive interior


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Specifications for saddlery
and leather goods such as
baseball gloves,billiard pits
and many more.


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Splitting of cork boards
used for soundproofing walls
or parts of small leather goods
and clothing.


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The use of the most difficult material
to work is continuously developing,
for technical shoes, inflatables
and rubber industry in general.
Lubrication and the new patented Atermo® system .


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Food Packaging

Fav fleshing machines
are also used in folding-gluing
lines for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes
and packaging.


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