Fratelli Alberti easily entered the automotive market, where precision, reliability and repeatability are the basis of production.

FAV and AV2 fleshing machines are widely used in the production of steering wheels, dashboards, armrests and seats.

Thanks to the possibility to memorize the working data, the electronic fleshing machines AV2 TEV allow to work always with the same quality and speed, in order to increase the production standards and performances.
The increasingly varied quality of materials used in the production of car interiors requires that the machines used to cut the components are versatile and robust.

The AV2 TEV can be fitted with all the types of feet we produce, allowing any type of cut to be made with guaranteed quality results. In addition to the 854 series of 50 mm feet and the 361 series of 34 mm feet, there are also custom feet, made according to the most varied needs to perform the workings with extreme precision.